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Julia's Animal Communication

Improving the Lives of Pets and Their Two-Legged Companions One Wag at a Time

Julia's Animal Communication allows you to better understand your pet by not only communicating what they are thinking and feeling, but putting you in their paws and hooves to experience the world as they do. This unique perspective, this empathy, will grow and deepen your relationship with your pet, and yourself.  Let Julia's Animal Communication create that special relationship for you and your beloved pet!

Rescue Puppy
Wild Icelandic Horses
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My Story

As far back as I can remember, I have shared a special relationship with animals, the ability to understand what they are feeling and thinking, the ability to truly communicate with them. Never did I know this to be more true than through my work with horses (although a certain mischievous scurry of squirrels might have been my first true inkling). I wanted to know each horse's secrets, the more challenging, the greater the reward. The privilege of a horse allowing you to know him or her, a gift without price. Horses were the first to teach me (and continue to teach me) how to truly listen and hear what an animal wishes to communicate. This ability to communicate with animals has only grown over my twenty years of working with animals, whether as a trainer or in the veterinary field. My joy, my purpose in life, is to share this knowledge with others, to improve the lives of pets and their two-legged owners. Imagine a world where we are all able to have the best relationships with our pets, ourselves, and each other. Life is full of magical things, and one way to experience that is through better communication with our beloved pets!

Love, joy, and paws,

Julia Fontaine

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My Services

Pet Therapy

Understanding Your Animal from His/Her Perspective

My Pet Therapy Sessions allow you, the owner, to better understand why your pets do the things they do, and resolve unwanted behavior; help your pet heal from trauma or abuse; experience the joy of learning the language of your pet; and realize your pet's exact purpose in your life.

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Animal/Owner Relationship Therapy

Greater Communication and Understanding between Animal and Owner

My Animal/Owner Relationship Therapy Sessions allow pet and owner to communicate more effectively and achieve a greater understanding of one another. The focus of this therapy is not solely the relationship between you and your pet, but your happiness and where you are in your life. Your animal wants to see you living your best life, and so do I. The most important foundation to any relationship is the one you have with yourself.

Pet Mediumship

Creating a Bridge between Owner and Departed Animal

My Pet Mediumship Sessions allow you to communicate with, and receive divine messages from, your pet that has crossed over and is in spirit form.  These unique sessions allow me to communicate not just with the departed, but the lost or terminal pet as well. I seek to create a space of hope and comfort for you and your animal.

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Energy Work and Coaching

Energy Work and Coaching Available

Energy work and coaching are personally customized to each individual and individual situation. For information and pricing, please contact

Classes coming in late 2021with newsletter soon to come! Subscribe to our site today to stay in the know!

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“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”

Anatole France

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"I don’t know where to start, Julia is absolutely amazing. She has helped me so much with my two rescues and my puppy. My rescues have been through so much bad stuff and know I am finding out how to actually help them. Roo my psycho puppy is starting to calm down is liking having a new sister, and is constantly looking after MJ. Jasper my other rescue who is the love of my life I am finding out he is the fixer, he wants to fix everyone. And MJ is a senior little lady needs to learn how to be loved. She has been very abused and doesn’t know love. I would have known any of this without Julia’s help. Oh don’t let me forget my cat Autumn. Thank you Julia, you have no idea how grateful I am for all your help."

Maureen, MJ, Jasper, Roo, and Autumn Bissonette

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The information provided on this website and services provided by Julia, are provided as-is, and the user of this website, or services provided, assumes all risks from the use, non use, or misuse, of this information. All animal communication, or energy work is NOT, a substitution for proper veterinary care, or proper training. Owners or custodians of pets are solely responsible for their pets well being, safety, and health. When using the services of Julia's Animal Communication, the user of Julia's Animal Communication services accepts and agrees to the above disclaimer.

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